The best EDI file software translator validator generator library for .NET X12 HIPAA EDIFACT EANCOM VDA

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The best EDI file software translator validator generator library for .NET X12 HIPAA EDIFACT EANCOM VDA

The best EDI software library

EdiFabric empowers developers and businesses interested in enabling their software systems with EDI capabilities. It is multi-platform and can run on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows.

The best EDI file software translator validator generator library for .NET X12 HIPAA EDIFACT EANCOM VDA

All EDI standards

Supports all versions for X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM and VDA. Fully customizable EDI rules for each EDI transaction, allowing you to comply with any partner-proprietary format.

Translate EDI files

Translate EDI files

Lightning fast streaming of EDI files into typed objects. Allows you to read EDI files of any size, having multiple EDI interchanges or even containing corrupt data without breaking.

Generate EDI files

Generate EDI files

Create your own EDI objects, and then write them to a stream or directly to a file. Allows you to customize all delimiters and segment postfixes. All EDI trailers are automatically set.

EDI validator

Validate EDI files

Ensure all of your EDI files are valid against their EDI rules before processing them downstream. Produces rich error context to help you quickly troubleshoot failures.

EDI 997 999 CONTRL

Generate EDI acknowledgments

Communicate reliably with your business partners by sending them back fully compliant TA1 997 999 and CONTRL EDI acknowledgments. Detect duplicates as early as EDI interchanges are read.

Our EDI Document Object Model lets you to dynamically read, manipulate and write EDI files

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Am I allowed to use my products after the 1-year plan expires?

Since EdiFabric licenses are perpetual, you are allowed to continue using the products even after the plan expires. However, you will be using the last product version released before your plan expired. If you wish to preserve your access to product updates (new features, EDI rules and fixes) and dedicated incident support, you need to renew your plan.


Can I redistribute all EdiFabric's products with my application?

Yes. Please see the license agreements for all terms.


Are there royalty fees for using any of EdiFabric's products?

No. There is no per copy royalty fee. Check the license agreements for more details.


How to request a demo?

Contact us at to schedule it. It takes anything between 30/60 minutes and we will showcase the product features and general usage followed up by Q&A.


Do you offer consultancy and can we hire you?

We can boost your project and implementation efforts by giving you a hand with all things EDI - it’s a steep learning curve so why not use our experience. Please contact us at to talk it over.


How often do you release new versions of the EDI rules?

New versions are released when there is either a demand or they differ significantly from the latest we have on offer. You can also request new rules by contacting us.