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Integration with .NET NuGet and Visual Studio

Seamless integration

A flexible library that empowers developers and businesses interested in enabling their software systems with EDI capabilities. It is distributed as a NuGet package.


All major EDI standards

Nearly all versions for X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT and EANCOM are supported. Fully customizable EDI specifications for each transaction set, allowing you to comply with any partner-proprietary format.

Read and parse EDI documents

Read EDI documents

Stream the contents of EDI documents into typed objects. Allows you to read files of any size, having multiple interchanges or even containing corrupt data without breaking.

Create and write EDI documents

Write EDI documents

Create your own EDI objects, and then write them to a stream or directly to a file. Allows you to customize all delimiters and segment postfixes. All trailers are set automatically for you.

Validate EDI documents

Validate EDI objects

Ensure all of your EDI objects are valid against their EDI specification before processing them any further. Produces rich error context to help you quickly troubleshoot failures.

Create and generate technical functional or implementation acknowledgments

Generate acknowledgments

Communicate reliably with your business partners by sending them back fully compliant ( TA1, 997, 999 ) acknowledgments. Detect duplicates as early as EDI interchanges are read.

No matter how customers want to do EDI,

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var ediStream = File.OpenRead(@"C:\edi.txt");
using(var reader = new X12Reader(ediStream, "YourEdiSpecsProject"))
    List<IEdiItem> ediItems = reader.ReadToEnd();    
    // inspect the headers as typed objects
    ISA isa = ediItems.OfType<ISA>().Single();
    GS gs = ediItems.OfType<GS>().Single();                            
    // retrieve all transactions as typed objects
    List<EdiMessage> invoices = ediItems.OfType<TS810>();          
    foreach(var invoice in invoices)
        MessageErrorContext mec;
        if(invoice.IsValid(out mec)) {    // message is valid...    }
using (var stream = new MemoryStream())
    var writer = new X12Writer(stream);
    var isa = new ISA();
    // construct the interchange header ...
    var gs = new GS();
    // construct the group header ...
    var m810 = new TS810();
    // construct the message ...

... we've got you covered

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One-off payment
  • Unlimited usage1
  • Updates to specs are chargeable2
  • X12 or EDIFACT3
  • Reading and writing only4
  • No extra plugins5
  • Version for .NET Core6
  • No support7

Select EDI Specs

1 Usage is unlimited regardless of the number of users, environments, CPUs or cores.

2 Updates to the specs could be design changes, bug fixes or addition of new transactions (versions).

3 All specs for X12 (incl. HIPAA) or EDIFACT (incl. EANCOM). Lite plan contains only X12 or EDIFACT.

4 Validation can only be used when the specs are annotated with validation attributes. All plans but Lite include validation.

5 Fully compliant acknowledgments generation (TA1, 997, 999) is only available for the Enterprise plan.

6 The framework is available in two separate variants targeting multiple .NET frameworks - one for .NET Framework 4.5 and another for .NET Standard 1.6 /.NET Core 1.1.

7 Each support plan automatically expires upon reaching the included number of incidents or after 1 month from the date of purchase.

We do accept purchase orders (UK and US customers only), please send them to office@edifabric.com and we'll reply back with a Net30 payment term invoice.

Only a receipt is automatically issued for every online purchase, please request an invoice separately by email if you need one.

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How to evaluate?

You can start by downloading and reviewing our SDKs .


How to get support?

You can purchase a support plan from us. We will troubleshoot, fix issues and advise you in a timely manner. Otherwise we will reply at our earliest convenience and you should be able to self-support yourself or post questions to StackOverflow using the edi tag.


How to report bugs or feature requests?

Email them directly to us at office@edifabric.com.


Can I redistribute all ediFabric products with my application?

Yes. Please see the license agreements for all terms.


Are there royalty fees for using any of ediFabric's products?

No. There is no per copy royalty fee. Check the license agreements for more details.


How often do you release new versions of the specs?

New specs are released when there is any demand or they differ significantly from the latest we have on offer. You can also request new specs by contacting us.


Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, you only have to pay the difference by contacting us at office@edifabric.com. Plan downgrades are not possible.


How to request a demo?

Contact us at office@edifabric.com to schedule it. It takes anything between 30/60 minutes and we will showcase the product features and general usage followed up by Q&A.


How to determine the EDI version from a sample file?

Please take a look at our How to determine the EDI version from a sample file guide.


What are the EDI specs?

They are our internal representation of the official EDI specs published by the governing authorities for X12 and EDIFACT, ASC and UNECE respectively. We use plain C# classes annotated with our proprietary attributes.


Can I create my own EDI spec files?

Yes, you can turn any class into EDI spec by applying a few simple rules.


What .NET versions are supported?

.Net Framework 4.5 or .Net Standard 1.6 or .Net Core 1.1 as the minimum.


Do you offer consultancy and can we hire you?

We can boost your project and implementation efforts by giving you a hand with all things EDI - it’s a steep learning curve so why not use our experience. Please contact us at office@edifabric.com to talk it over.