Save time and remain focused on your core business
whilst the complexity of B2B electronic standards
is unobtrusively handled.

All this is ingenuously achieved by our sleek design
with only 1000 lines of code.

Try it today, it is just a reference away.

Parse or generate

EDI documents and .NET objects. You can also convert to/from XML and validate EDI documents against detailed XSD.

Manage or extend

EDI formats. We offer classes and XSD for most of the X12, EDIFACT and HIPAA versions or you can handcraft your own.

Own the code

Our product is open source and you can benefit from the viable community and multiple contributions.

Deliver value

by alleviating the obscurity of EDI. This way you can carry on with your other tasks and do what you do best.
It is so easyto get startedright away!

1. Identify

the transaction sets, versions and formats you would like to parse or generate. An example would be - format: X12, version: 004010, transaction sets: 810 and 835. Browse our collection of packages to ensure that we have what you need. Please note that ediFabric differentiates HIPAA from X12.

2. Purchase

the packages. Each package contains all of the transaction sets shown for that version. There is a .NET class file and XSD file for every transaction set. The parser will convert the EDI message into a .NET object, which is an instance of that class. The XSD can be used for EDI rules validation.

3. Add

each class file you need as 'Existing item' to project 'Definitions'. Add the corresponding XSD files as 'Existing item' to project 'Validators' and set their 'Build Action' to 'Embedded Resource'. In your application add references to Framework, Definitions and Validators projects. Rebuild and you are ready to go.

Classes & Xsd packages

A guide on how to handcraft a transaction set class by yourself can be downloaded from HERE.