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EDI for all

An open source framework that empowers developers and businesses interested in enabling their software systems with EDI capabilities and can be integrated into your business applications.

Flexible on formats

We support a vast collection of the most popular versions for X12, HIPAA and EDIFACT. All of our ready-to-use EDI specs are configurable and can adhere to any custom requirement.

All-round EDI

Enables you to read, create from scratch and validate EDI documents, and to communicate reliably with your business partners by sending back acknowledgments and detecting duplicates.



Multiple interchanges

Read through large files containing multiple interchanges.


Simple troubleshooting

Instantly know the exact position and reason when error occurs.


Flexible API

Short lead time in integrating it in any business application.


Automatic trailers

Generates all interchange, group and message trailers for you.


Continue on error

Extract valuable data even from corrupt files without breaking.


Ultra fast

Uses internal streaming and caching for all heavy operations.

Your EDI success starts here

Fuel ediFabric with our EDI specs, or create one yourself




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Why is ediFabric Framework offered under two different licenses?

Some open source licenses impose certain restrictions and obligations to licensees, such as to make the source code they've developed on top of ediFabric Framework freely available to other users. This is called a copyleft license. Some prospective licensees are not willing to open their proprietary products in order to preserve their trade secrets and remain competitive. They are not happy with incorporating third party copyleft open source libraries into their products and for that reason we also offer ediFabric Framework under a separate commercial license.


Is there a difference between the commercial and the open source version of ediFabric Framework?

No, they are both exactly the same. There are no commercial-only, super secret features. ediFabric Framework is 100% open source and transparent. That’s how community works.


Can I redistribute all ediFabric products with my application?

Yes. Please see the license agreements for all terms.


Are there royalty fees for using any of ediFabric's products?

No. There is no per copy royalty fee. Check the license agreements for more details.


How to report bugs or feature requests?

All bugs and feature requests should be published to GitHub as new issues. If you are on a support plan then you can alternatively email us the issue and we'll publish it to GitHub ourselves.


How to get support?

You can purchase a support plan from us. We will troubleshoot, fix issues and advise you in a timely manner. Without a support plan we will reply at our earliest convenience (usually within a month) and you should be able to self-support yourself or post questions to StackOverflow using the edi tag.


Where can I view ediFabric's commercial license agreement before making a decision to purchase the product?

See the EULA for all terms.


Are the EDI specs needed and what are they?

Yes, they are needed as without them ediFabric won't work. The EDI specs are our internal representation of the official EDI specs published by the governing authorities for X12 and EDIFACT, ASC and UNECE respectively, and are designed as an extension to ISO/TS 20625.


Can I create my own EDI specs files?

Yes, they can be handcrafted using our DIY Guide.


What .NET version is supported?

.Net 4.5 and later.


Do you offer consultancy and can we hire you?

We can boost your project and implementation efforts by giving you a hand with all things EDI - it’s a steep learning curve so why not use our experience. We can also connect you with a trusted Subject Matter Expert or even offer you a bespoke solution from the comprehensive list we have amassed over time. On top of this we can help you with any custom development, including non-ediFabric (or even non-EDI) related. We know .NET, SQL, BizTalk, Azure and many more. Please contact us on to talk it over.


Can I request a demo?

Yes. Should you decide to evaluate any of our products please contact us on to schedule a short online demo (usually via Skype). We can also prepare a sample VisualStudio project for you, showcasing the general usage and best practices (if you prefer to supply a file of your choice that is not covered by our free EDI spec versions, you may need to purchase one before the demo).