Insurance Success Story

Customer Profile: Scalepoint Technologies

Scalepoint offers cloud solutions that digitize and automate claims processes and furthermore drastically reduce claim-related costs while keeping the insured customers in focus.

Scalepoint has 160 employees and has worked within the claim area for more than 15 years. With more than 45 solutions running across 26 customers, Scalepoint processed 1 million claims last year alone.

1. Business challenge

Scalepoint needed to parse EDIFACT files for one of their solutions by integrating this new functionality into an existing flow. They researched the Internet for products that are popular and mature, and offer a free trial to evaluate with their test files.

2. Solution

Scalepoint found EdiFabric EDI Tools which fit the criteria above. They listed the following features as the most appealing when making the final decision:

  • Translation of EDI files straight into POCOs
  • Available documentation
  • Code readability
  • Easier to use than other products
  • Viable community forum
  • Excellent support during and after the evaluation

In a matter of several days, they were able to get up and running with EdiFabric EDI Tools and EDIFACT from scratch with only one team member having any experience with EDI. The team handcrafted custom templates to cater for partner-specific formats by contacting our support and following the examples in the provided example solution.

Contacting support was a good experience - quite fast and helpful responses.

Alyona Loboda, Scrum Master

3. Benefits

Scalepoint added support for the EDIFACT standard into their insurance policy processing offerings without having to look into the details of low-level parsing of EDI files and focused on their core business instead.

The ability to create and customize EDI templates per version or trading partner allowed them to quickly comply with any format and provide seamless integration with any existing or new partner.

EdiFabric EDI Tools works, looks solid/mature, with good support. It looks like being actively developed - new versions are released regularly.

Alyona Loboda, Scrum Master