Avizzor Health Solution is a leading specialty benefits management company in South Florida, providing a range of products such as Billing Software, Clearing House Solutions, and Claim Processing.
Memory Soft was able to seamlessly automate processes for their clients and significantly reduce the time needed to onboard them by calculating just one day for each new supplier.
Sertrans Catalunya, S.A. has automated the importing of orders in EDI format into their systems quickly and efficiently. This used to be a manual process, taking about a minute for every new order.
Scalepoint offers cloud solutions that digitize and automate claims processes and furthermore drastically reduce claim-related costs while keeping the insured customers in focus.
Supply Chain
Syncorder was able to offer their customers some of the familiar EDI formats for supplying the information without having to maintain these formats themselves. EdiFabrics' comprehensive EDI.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs was searching for a product that provides the ability to conduct design and analysis, parsing design and analysis, and data & business logic to support EDI.

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